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I am Taiwanese. Recently I lived in Russia and became fluent in Russian. Taiwan is a paradise for any traveler: from vibrant Taipei to majestic serene Taroko, from dazzling night markets to calming contemplation of Sun Moon Lake scenery, from relaxing Japanese hot springs to revitalizing Chinese massage! Taiwan for sure will leave you with unforgettable memories and impressions.   

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Traveling is my passion. I have traveled to America, explored Europe, the Middle East, and have had numerous trips to Asia. Currently I live in Taiwan. I speak fluent Russian, English and currently fine-tuning Chinese. I am familiar with all the best spots where locals eat, where to go to enjoy the most breathtaking views and can bring you to the most exciting night markets. 


Our services


Arrange private tours to the most interesting places in Taiwan 


Assistance setting up business contacts and meetings with Taiwanese companies


Guided mini group tours for tourism or business purposes 



Here you can check out some of the scenic spots we can bring you to...still there many more.

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Here we elaborate and align your trip plan: for example, if it's family vacation we offer to include entertainment them parks, for couples upon your preferences we offer some of romantic scenic spots or beautiful ocean site with picturesque views.  


Our service include private guide, ongoing translation and story telling during your trip in Taiwan. Buying air tickets,  visas, insurance, hotel booking and meal are at your own sole charge however we may provide you with sufficient consultation of best options. 


Here we go! Day 1 we will meet you at the airport and help to get you to the hotel. Next days we spend exploring Taiwan and its most interesting spots! If it happens that you want to change some part of itinerary - no problem - we are flexible to make adjustments. 

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Includes up to 5 sites on your choice (up to 3 hours per day)

169$ / day

*Disclaimer: we provide only private guide services and consultation on any questions relevant to trip such as preparation for Taiwan, buying  airplane tickets,  booking hotels, etc. which mean  buying airplane tickets, hotel booking, visas, insurance are at your sole discretion and ownership.